#MetsTuesday, Cancer Doesn’t Discriminate

Every so often I skip a Monday of posting for #MetsMonday to prove the point that cancer doesn’t discriminate — it is an everyday struggle that many people are battling. It’s not about the ribbons or the pink t-shirts at Target, it’s about the people who spend hours at chemo, days in bed, months fighting to live.sugarcoat

Cancer is a very real thing, and it takes a break for no one. Someone at this very minute is receiving a cancer diagnosis with a date informing them that’s how long they have to live. Someone is throwing up on the floor as chemo rages through their system. Someone is in hospice care, telling their loved ones everything will be okay.

It’s not all negative, of course. Someone is also finding out, for the first time, they are NED. Someone is starting a blog about their cancer journey that will help millions of people around the world cope. Someone is proving their doctor wrong and outliving their two-year life expectancy date.

What I’m asking is that you open your eyes to the reality of it. Don’t sugarcoat it. Don’t block it from your Facebook news feed. Don’t let the media paint a pretty picture for you — because it’s not pretty. It’s messy and real. So please, educate yourself, know your body, do self-exams, give support to those who need it, stay strong, stay positive, beat cancer.